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Submission Guidelines:
Please read submissions guidelines before submitting work!:

Important Guideline Changes:

Please note: The Cynic Online Magazine will no longer be accepting submissions in novel form. Word count for works is now limited to 5,000 words per work. If submissions are not sent to the correct email address, they may not be accepted.

Email Submissions:

Art, Poetry, Photography -- Send To:

FarceHaven Tribune -- Send To:

All Other Work -- Send To:


We have attempted to publish submissions from many writers only to have to decline because our acceptance email gets trapped in their spam folder or the user has their email set to only allow email messages for a specific sender through.

Mail Submissions:

The Cynic Online Magazine is no long accepting submissions via the US Mail. Keeping a US Post Office Box for the one or two submissions we may recieve over six months was not very efficient. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Interested in sending some submissions to us are ya? Well, here is how you go about sending us all of your good stuff! On this page we have general guidelines as well as specific guidelines for everything you could ever possibly want to submit. Unfortunately since we at The Cynic are a free magazine and generate next to no money we cannot render payment for any submissions. This may change if The Cynic at any time begins to turn a profit, which we hope to someday do. But hey-it is a publication credit and a chance to share your work with others. So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Check out the guidelines and make a submission. Who knows? Maybe you could be the next big thing!

Guidelines for:

Farce Haven Tribune
Other (cartoons, anything creative, etc…)

General Submission Guidelines

All work submitted to The Cynic Online Magazine must be the property/work of the submitter. Owner of work retains all rights to work and allows The Cynic Online Magazine the right to publish said works in one to three issues [exceptions to this would be novels with chapters (these would be serialized)].

The Cynic Online Magazine reserves the right to pull works if for any reason they are found to have violated the submission guidelines. We at The Cynic believe in the freedom of expression and will accept most work that we find to be creative, well-written and artistic. Exceptions to this are works that contain extreme levels of profanity, pornography, and racist material that does not have an eye towards the teaching of tolerance. If you are unsure whether your work is acceptable or not, send it to us and we will look it over and let you know. Remember you have nothing to lose by submitting your works. Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

Work can be submitted in the body of the email or as a text or MS Word attachment. Work should be submitted plain, no fancy fonts, spacing or formatting. Our preference is Arial or Times New Roman Size 10-12pt. Do not capitalize every word of your work.

When emailing your submissions please do not have ask for a read receipt as this will not indicate that we have actually read your piece. You will receive an automated reply from us stating that we have received your email and you will know that we have read your work because afterwards, we will reply to your email.

Please keep submissions under 3 pieces of work per month or 5 pieces of poetry. Because we at The Cynic Online Magazine are very busy people, we cannot guarantee that we have time to read more than 3 pieces per writer per month or 5 pieces of poetry. The reason for this restriction is to make sure that each person that submits to us gets a fair chance to have their work reviewed in a timely manner by our staff. And please be realistic in your 3 submissions/5 poetry submissions. We certainly do not have time to read your three adaptations of War and Peace or five adaptations of the Illiad with our current workload.

Please route all work through the appropriate email address. Misdirected email submissions may result in delays or in work not being reviewed at all because it never reached the appropriate staff member.

Our new submission  period (starting 04/01/05) starts on the 1st of each month and concludes on the last day of the same month.

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Art must be tasteful. Nudity is acceptable as long as it is not pornographic or degrading. Art must also meet the general submissions guidelines above.
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If there is anything you want to get off your mind or speak out about this is the place to do it. All editorials must be no longer than 3000 words and must follow the general submissions guidelines.

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Farce Haven Tribune

The Farce Haven accepts news and advertising parody under 1000 words in length. Works may be tasteless as long as they are funny and meet the general submissions guidelines.

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For stories: All genres are acceptable including but not limited to science fiction, fantasy, feminist, mystery and horror. Short stories should be no more than 5000 words. All stories must meet also meet the general submissions guidelines. We no longer accept longer works at this time due to the extremely high volume of regular submission. We may revisit this policy in the future.
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Poetry must be artistic and emotive. For funny poetry please see the submission guidelines for the Farce Haven Tribune. Otherwise, all poetry must meet the general submissions guidelines.

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Please see general submissions guidelines.

If you have further question please email our submissions editor at marip@cynicmag.com.

OK,OK, enough about the guidelines! I'm ready to submit my writing!

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